Admission Policy


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Application Procedure

Admission Policy

Without regard to race, religion, color, gender, or political affiliation, PHX admits new students based on space availability and their qualifications.

Students are chosen for admission to PHX based on their academic talent, school performance, and preparation for the demanding and in-depth curriculum of the institution. At PHX, we want our students to develop into moral, accountable, critical thinkers, and risk-takers with an open mind. We provide our students the critical thinking, interpersonal, self-management, and research skills they need. Students must be prepared to put in a lot of effort and be dedicated to our curriculum to succeed at PHX. Students are also expected to become proficient in Arabic and English.

Vacancy Levels

Older students’ parents must submit a new application each year in order to have their admission chances reviewed.

Admission Requirements

Students are evaluated and chosen based on their prior academic performance, recommendations from prior institutions, interviews, and the outcomes of PHX’s entrance examinations. Candidates for preschool are accepted after a screening interview.

Required Documents

Applicants for admission to PHX must submit all required documents to the PHX Admissions Office:

  1. An application form completed with the required information.
  2. Original Certificate of Promotion issued by the previous school and certified by the Ministry of Education (Expect for KG1).
  3. Original signed and stamped official Grade Transcripts from the past two years.
  4. Original signed and stamped official Grade Transcripts from the past two years from the previous school with Behavior Certificate.
  5. Original identification card and / or civil extract (إخراج قيد) for Lebanese citizens or an original foreign national passport.
  6. Original family civil extract (إخراج قيد عائلي) for Lebanese citizens.
  7. Two recommendations from their previous school’s educators.
    Recommendations should assess the applicant’s behavior and academic performance.
  8. Entrance Exam and Registration Fees are nonrefundable.
  9. Two photos.
  10. Student Health Form signed from Family doctor clearly stating that the student is free from transmittable and permanent diseases. And if the student has a disease that requires special care in the school or taking medication there: the doctor must clarify the type of disease and what is required of the school.
  11. Vaccination card for Pupils up to Sixth Grade.