Elementary School


Where the education of a lifetime begins.


There are approximately 250 students at the elementary level, ranging in age from six to eleven. The primary goal of elementary education is to cultivate global citizens who possess qualities such as empathy, responsibility, and adept problem-solving skills.



PHX adopts a secure and welcoming approach to teaching and learning, focusing on inquiry-based methods. The Lebanese official Program curriculum, while the educational philosophy encompasses the holistic development of each student.

All students are required to study Arabic, English, and French on a weekly basis, with French being regarded as the third language.

PHX offers a specialized Arabic program for students who have previously lived abroad and are eligible for an exemption from the standard Arabic curriculum.

A significant emphasis is placed on an inquiry-based and activity-centered teaching approach at PHX. This methodology enables children to acquire knowledge through exploration, play, and questioning.

Parents and teachers collaborate closely to support each child in realizing their full potential and striving for personal excellence as educational partners.


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