Meet The Team


Where the education of a lifetime begins.

Meet the Team Behind PHX

At Phoenix International School, our dedicated and passionate team is the driving force behind our commitment to providing exceptional education and fostering a nurturing learning environment. Our team members bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to every aspect of the educational journey. With diverse backgrounds and a shared dedication to student success, they play a crucial role in shaping the future of our students. Get to know the individuals who make PHX an exceptional place to learn and grow.

Mr Fady ElHusseini

School President

Mrs. Lina Osseiran

School Principal


Mr. Mohamad El Husseini

Accounting Director

Ms. Ibtisam Zeeb

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Nadya ElDrouby


Ms. Hiba Shokor

Administration Assistant

Ms. Duaa Zaiter

Administration Assistant

Mr. Wissam Darazi

IT Manager


Mrs. Mona Yehya

Cycles 2,3 Supervisor

Mrs. Malak Shamas

Secondary Supervisor

Mrs. Layal Daoui

Cycles 1,2 supervisor


Mrs. Rawan Mansour

English Coordinator

Mr. Abdallah Kataya

Physics Coordinator

Mr. Ali Atat

Math Coordinator

Mr. Ali Badran

Chemistry Coordinator

Mrs. Lina wehbe

Preschool coordinator

Mrs. Maysaa Yassine

Arabic Coordinator

Mrs. Ihsan Salemeh

Biology Coordinator


Mr. Hasan Khodor

Math Teacher Secondary

Mrs. Viviane Wehbi

Philosophy Secondary

Mr. Said Issa

Math Teacher Secondary

Mr. Mohamad Sabeh

Eco/Soc Teacher Secondary

Ms. Yara Nasser

English Teacher Secondary

Mr. Imad Husseini

Physics Teacher Secondary

Mrs. Nour Debek

English Teacher Cycle 3

Ms. Sarah Shamas

Computer Teacher

Mrs. Marwa Karim

Math Teacher cycle 1

Ms. Enaam Fayad

Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Assil Nahleh

Arabic Teacher Secondary

Mrs. Fatima El Koumy

Chemistry Teacher Secondary

Ms. Nour Zahraa Sammour

Math Teacher Cycle 2

Mrs. Shirine Bitar

Arabic Teacher Cycle 2

Mrs. Hanadi Raghda

Science Teacher Cycles 1,2

Ms. Aya Arbid

Arabic Teacher Cycle 1

Ms. Alaa Makleh

Math Teacher Cycle 3

Ms. Rola Tabaja

Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Aida Aoun

Arabic Teacher Cycle 2

Ms. Sarah Hdeib

Arabic SAT Teacher

Ms. Reine Sabra

French Teacher

Mrs. Nour Hassoun

English Teacher Cycles 1,2

Ms. Malak mohamad

Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Zeinab Shebib

Arabic Teacher Cycle 3

Mrs. Amani mallah

HomeRoom Teacher Cycle 1

Ms. Fatima Harmoush

English Teacher Cycle 2

Mr. Jad Hamdar

Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Fatima Shamas

Art Teacher

Preschool Teachers

Ms. Aya Akeel

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Khouloud Mansour

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Nour Khansa

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Samar Fawaz

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Diana Berjawi

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Nour Awad

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Mariam Salman

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Boushra Kheireddine

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Nour Abou Zeid

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Khadija Kassem

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Riham Obeid

Preschool Teacher